About The Seedin Lab
Seed 種子之意
The Seedin Lab 想在大家心中播下一顆種子,讓美好在此發生,孕育和傳遞的不僅是創意和知識,更多的是深刻感動和體會,每個來到這的人就如同一顆種子,吸取養分後會在不同的地方開枝散葉、歸於土地,再開始下一個循環,永續傳承,生生不息。
Seeds grow, blossom and yield with nourishment. Tiny in size but full of potential, symbolizing inheritance and hope.
The Seedin Lab wants to plant the seed of creativity and knowledge in everyone’s heart. We hope to bring forth beautiful moments while leaving an everlasting impression. Just as seeds grow into leaves and leaves return to the roots, we pay it forward with each cycle, continually and endlessly.

See + din
See 看見
Din 取自dining, diner, dinner 也像是上菜鈴聲叮叮作響,意味我們將在此,為您獻上前所未有的沈浸式五感餐食體驗。

‘See’ stands for “Everything that happens here could be seen”.
The open kitchen allows us to see the interaction between people and the process of cooking. It also serves as a platform, where creative ideas can be seen by people around the world.
‘Din’ comes from “diner” “diner” or “ dinner”, and it also resembles the tinkling sound of the serving bell.
We are here to offer you an unprecedented immersive dining experience.

Seed in Lab

我們是餐廳也是藝廊,有植物也有食物,是日常也是非比尋常,The Seedin Lab. 沒有制式的標準答案,存在無限想像及可能。

The Seedin Lab is just like a laboratory. It is a platform where conversations take place between parties and innovative ideas grow. Creativity from different fields come together to becomes new possibilities. 

The Seedin Lab is a restaurant and an art gallery. It is a place where plants are displayed and food is served. It can be something usual or something unusual. There is no definitive answer but infinite imaginations and possibilities at The Seedin Lab.